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Ecco X 25 3D sensor

SmartRay GmbH, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge 3D sensors for demanding, high-precision automated inspection, has launched the ECCO X 25 3D sensor, the latest in the ECCO family.

Offering 4,096 points of resolution and a scan rate of up to 40 kHz, the ECCO X targets the challenges of automated optical inspection in electronics and other challenging industries. Available with either a class 3R or class 2 laser, the sensor is available with four different cable mountings. Like the existing ECCO 3D sensors, the unit integrates with the current range of SmartRay and industry-standard vision software.

“The ECCO X 25 marks a further significant advance in performance in the ECCO 3D sensor portfolio,” said Clare Rathsack, Business Unit Manager ECCO Sensors. “This fulfills a requirement for resolution and speed that our customers have been demanding.”

Francois Bangerter, Executive Sales Manager of ECCO Sensors, added: “The ECCO family of sensors is well established for inspection of challenging applications, such as automotive chassis welds and highly reflective prosthetic implants. This new sensor breaks a metrology boundary that will deliver reduced latent failures in electronic products due to soldering issues and poor component placement.”

More accuracy and speed for manufacturers of advanced, precision equipment

With a measurement range of 20mm and a stand-off distance of 65mm, the ECCO X 25 delivers a typical vertical resolution of 0.9 – 1.4µm and a typical vertical resolution of circa 5.0-7.0µm. The Z-linearity is 0.005%, and Z-repeatability is 0.2µm, targeting manufacturers increasingly reliant on miniaturized electronics and precision-machined or 3D-printed mechanical parts to meet the innovation demands of their customers. The typical scan (i.e., full FOV) rate of up to 40kHz delivers up to 163 million points/sec.

The sensor provides a gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbit/sec) interface, a quadrature encoder interface (AB-Channel, RS-422), and two inputs and outputs to support a range of start, data triggering, and output options. Its enclosure is rated to IP67, and its operating temperature ranges from 0 – 40°C.

Simple to install for complex automated visual inspection

Measuring only 48 × 84 × 125.3mm, and weighing under 750g, installation is simplified thanks to four different cable attachment options, enabling easy mounting onto existing inspection systems.

ECCO X 25 at a glance:

  • 40 kHz typical scan rate
  • Exceptional 4,096 3D points of resolution
  • Four connector options for maximum flexibility
  • Gigabit Ethernet and quadrature encoder connectivity
  • Input voltage of 24 VDC at 10 W
  • Rated to IP67 and operational from 0 – 40°C

The ECCO X 25 3D sensor was officially launched at the Vision trade fair in Stuttgart and is now available through SmartRay GmbH and its sales partners worldwide.


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