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ECCO 95.020 3D sensor

SmartRay, the leading manufacturer of 3D sensors for quality inspection and measurement, will present the company’s highly accurate, repeatable and reliable solutions at the Control trade fair 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, 7-10 May.

SmartRay’s European Sales team will showcase the company’s new ECCO 95.020 3D sensor and SmartX software-hardware optimisation tools at booth 8503, exhibition hall 8, as well give an exclusive preview of SmartRay’s innovative sensor designed specifically for scanning glass or specular surfaces.

Delivering high-speed 3D scanning performance in an economical and compact design, the new ECCO 95.020 provides ultra-high resolution 3D image quality that delivers faster production lines and throughput. A 25 mm field of view (FOV) at mid-field provides consumer electronics manufacturers with an optimum balance between FOV, measurement range (MR) and resolution typically required for their manufacturing applications.

The fair will also mark the European launch for the SmartX optimisation tools, designed to boost the performance of the ECCO 95 3D sensor. Available for integration as part of the SmartRay DevKit (SDK) package, the new SmartXpress tool enables ECCO 95 users to further optimise the high-speed sensor’s scan rate by segmenting the scanning area to specific regions of interest, enabling users to achieve very high-speed 3D scanning results. And, presented for the first time at Control, the SmartXtract tool mitigates the complex challenges encountered when measuring shiny or reflective surfaces, by combining intelligent, high-quality 3D data generation techniques with high-end reflection filter algorithms.

Finally the SmartRay team will give visitors an exclusive first look at SmartRay’s highly innovative new sensor for measuring glass surfaces. By combining SmartRay’s exceptionally accurate, reliable and repeatable 3D measurement, highly compact integration form factor, and advanced processing software, the new sensor negates the unique optical challenges presented in inspecting glass and other specular surfaces to give highly accurate, repeatable results for a wide range of manufacturing applications.


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