Scorpion Vision

PixeLink M2B

Scorpion Vision, the UK's primary supplier of PixeLink technology, are proud to announce the distribution of the new PixeLink M2B

3D Stinger

Scorpion Vision has introduced the new 3D Stinger camera to the UK manufacturing industry, providing production lines with a quality 3D imaging system

Handled with care

Random bin picking holds great potential for automating manufacturing, but it's still incredibly complex. Greg Blackman looks at the vision technology required to guide robots in pick-and-place applications

Life blood

Imaging technology is helping diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions, as Warren Clark discovers

Programming power

Greg Blackman on the developments taking place within image processing libraries

Seen from all sides

Coupling vision with a robot can make for a flexible inspection system. Greg Blackman investigates some areas where robotic systems incorporating imaging are finding a use

Unibrain Scorpion starter kit

Scorpion Vision has launched an entry-level machine vision kit for users wanting to investigate the potential of machine vision in their manufacturing environment, but don't want to make significant investment in vision technology

Scorpion SmartCam3D

Scorpion Vision has introduced the Scorpion SmartCam3D, a smart camera primarily designed for use in industrial automation for manufacturing purposes.

PixeLink µScope software

The PixeLink microscope camera range has released an image analyses software package called PixeLink µScope. The camera range and software is available from Scorpion Vision.


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