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3D Stinger

Scorpion Vision has introduced the 3D Stinger camera to the UK manufacturing industry, providing production lines with a quality 3D imaging system.

Thanks to technology developed by Tordivel of Oslo, Scorpion Vision's 3D Stinger camera enables production-line robots to see with precise vision, distinguishing the exact height, depth and sizes of products on a manufacturing line, and then send information to the robot to adjust where the picking arm goes accordingly.

Stinger processes images in real-time as the camera is not required to scan whole areas at a time in order to detect products moving along the production line. The total cycle time is therefore only dictated by how fast the robot can pick. Additionally, the system's real-time capabilities mean that the camera is able to detect if something moves into the field of view and send new picking co-ordinates to the robot, avoiding any unexpected malfunctions due to foreign items in the robot's path.

Scorpion Vision can install the 3D Stinger camera to work with any robot system and can be used in a variety of manufacturing sectors including food, automotive and heavy industries.

In addition to the 3D Stinger, Scorpion Vision has added an advanced new line of strobe controllers from Smartek to its range of industrial imaging products, as well as cameras from Pixelink with liquid lens technology.


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