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New cameras From The Imaging Source

As the UK distributor for The Imaging Source cameras, Scorpion Vision is delighted to announce a completely new range of camera products with FPGA containing a large image buffer, with the GigE 33e series being available with sensors from Sony, OnSemi and Aptina. 

New to this camera is the cooling fin arrangement that has been added to the case to keep the operating temperature under control. The addition of more internal electronics necessitates this requirement and makes the cameras not only distinctive, but slightly larger at 44mm width.

Additional features of this new range of cameras are:

  • Variable trigger relay
  • Digital I/O strobe
  • C/CS/M12 mount adapter
  • Binning and ROI (CMOS only)
  • Power over ethernet with direct power option

All the latest camera product ranges are available with the Sony Pregius IMX sensors. However, with the current limit on availability, The Imaging Source have also included the Python P1300 sensor from OnSemi.

The full camera portfolio is now upgraded with the latest 27 and 33 series cameras across the board. Other increasing lines include the range of board level cameras also with the 27 series format which is a very small single board camera. The GigE board cameras now offer six separate models with three different sensors, from Sony and Aptina.

Finally, the much awaited 42 megapixel camera is now available. This uses a 2/3" sensor with a pixel pitch of 1.12 microns and a resolution of 7728 x 5368 pixels and which is capable of 7 frames per second at full resolution. The 42mp camera is available with an integrated autofocus lens as well as a conventional C/CS mount.


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