Isotronic’s VialChecker multi-camera quality control machine. Credit: Isotronic and IDS

Vial statistics

Greg Blackman explores quality control measures taken to make the glass bottles filled with vaccines

VisiLED UV ring light

The new Schott VisiLED UV ring light for stereo microscopes combines classic bright-field illumination with UV illumination

Multichannel Illumination System

Schott has released its Multichannel Illumination System offering a standard solution for controlling line scan cameras and illumination in industrial image processing

LASF35 glass

Schott Advanced Optics, the optics division of the international technology company, has launched an improved version of its LASF35 glass, which is particularly well suited to miniaturised lens systems.

ColdVision MaVi-S

Schott has introduced a new addition to its ColdVision family of products, the MaVi-S, a machine vision strobe light source for use in industrial image processing.

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