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N-KZFS optical glasses

Schott has introduced optical glasses with a tolerance level of 0.5.

The maximum deviation from the nominal values listed in the datasheet is only ± 0.0001 with the refractive index. This means Schott has the narrowest optical tolerances available in the market, the company says.

Glasses with a tolerance level of 0.5 are suitable for use in high precision lenses. To achieve the best possible resolution, several lenses must be precisely in tune with each other. The narrow optical position of the glasses helps to improve the quality of the lenses used in inspection systems in industry or microscopy.

The range of preferred glasses now available supports numerous applications. For instance, highly homogeneous N-BK7HT is a typical prism glass. Or N-KZFS, with its abnormal partial dispersion, is used together with the fluorphosphate glass N-FK51A that is known for its low dispersion to perform precise apochromatic colour corrections.


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