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KL 1500 HAL cold light sources

The international technology group SCHOTT is extending its broad portfolio of LED and halogen cold light sources to include the “KL 1500 HAL.” The 150-watt halogen cold light source was developed especially for industrial and bioscientific applications in stereomicroscopy and macroscopy. Compared to cold light sources that use white LEDs, the “KL 1500 HAL” covers the entire 100 CRI halogen spectrum. This means it is well suited for rendering colors and performing critical color measurements. SCHOTT will be unveiling the new KL 1500 HAL halogen cold light source at ENOVA in Paris (Hall 7.2 Booth C17) from September 16 – 18. 

The new cold light source not only offers a broad color spectrum, but also shines extremely bright. If, for example, a light guide 9 mm in diameter is used, the new halogen cold light source emits strong light output of 600 lumens, which equates to a 33% increase compared to the previous model. An additional optical element ensures that the light remains intense even if light guides with smaller diameters are used. The ventilation noise is also hardly noticeable and the air flow has been optimized. Processes can be monitored quite easily on the LCD display that shows various parameters to ensure that reproducible results are achieved. 

The “KL 1500 HAL” from SCHOTT is built in such a way that it can be supplied with energy sources that range from 100 to 240 V and 50 to 60 Hz. The new halogen cold light source has also been officially certified as laboratory equipment by the CSA (C / US). Furthermore, it complies with the European CE regulations. SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers other cold light source models for use in stereomicroscopy, including LED modules. 


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