Photoneo (1I45) will showcase its newly launched PhoXi 3D camera for scanning in rapid motion, at high resolution and high accuracy.

The company will show three exhibits with PhoXi 3D scanners: AI-based quality inspection; automated 3D model creation; and AI-driven AnyPick, for picking almost any type of objects from 1 x 1cm, with a large depth of field, ambient light suppression, and 300-500 picks per hour, ideal for e-commerce and logistics.

Best of bin picking at Automatica

Robot bin picking has been worked on for a number of years, and while it has been shown to be possible it’s only now that the technology is coming to fruition. Greg Blackman looks at what was on display at Automatica


Photoneo (B5.133) will showcase its high-accuracy and high-precision PhoXi 3D scanner

Parameters​ ​of​ ​3D​ ​sensing​ ​techniques​ ​in​ ​a​ ​nutshell

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Machine vision is one of the driving forces of industrial automation. For a long time, it’s been primarily pushed forward by improvements made in 2D image sensing and, for some applications, 2D sensing is still an optimal tool to solve a problem. But the majority of challenges machine vision is facing today has a 3D character. From well-established metrology up to new applications in smart robotics, 3D sensors serve as a main source of data. Here, we discuss the parameters of 3D sensing techniques.


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