Adaptive Vision support, Locator software, and 3D Localization SDK 1.2.2

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Photoneo has announced that Adaptive Vision’s software now supports PhoXi 3D scanners. One has to install PhoXi Control before using any filters in Adaptive Vision Studio or Adaptive Vision Library.

Adaptive Vision has thus become a part of the software family compatible with Photoneo’s 3D vision products, which also includes Halcon, LabView, Matrox Imaging, PolyWorks, and ROS Industrial.

Photoneo has also released its Locator software tool, for integrators for communicating positions of parts to a robot, along with a new version of the localisation software development kit, 3D Localization SDK 1.2.2.

Locator works with PhoXi 3D scanners It allows users to control Photoneo 3D Localization via socket communication, returning single or multiple Cartesian poses. The Coordinate Space in which Cartesian poses are returned is configured directly in the PhoXi Control application.

Locator communication is TCP/IP based; it always works as a server, while the robot controller or other devices connect to the configured Locator port as a client. The first release supports communication with ABB, Siasun and Fanuc manipulators.

3D Localization SDK 1.2.2 features: Doxygen documentation; improved experience with hardware keys and licensing; various improvements in the 3D visualiser of Photoneo Localization Configurator; and a robot-camera calibration tool is available on demand. 

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