Shining light on life

Greg Blackman investigates the imaging techniques used for high-throughput cellular imaging and super resolution microscopy

CylinderInspector 3D

Launching at Control 2015, Opto presents its CylinderInspector 3D, enabling full 3D surface analysis to sub micron level

MaSta system

Opto Sonderbedarf has launched the MaSta system, a cost-effective, image-based optical material analysis solution for a wide variety of material examinations

The Green Line catalogue, 2009 edition

Opto Sonderbedarf has released 2009 edition of The Green Line catalogue comprising many of Opto's standard components for machine vision and microscopy and those of its certified partners.

Solino Yellow Line catalogue

Opto, a German-based manufacturer of optical systems and components, has launched its Solino Yellow Line catalogue. The catalogue comprises a selection of some of Opto's optical inspection systems.

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