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BTC bi-telecentric lenses

Opto, a specialist in optomechanical solutions, now offers a line of bi-telecentric lenses. Telecentric lenses show no perspective errors and are perfect for measuring 3D objects. Bi-telecentric lenses exceed this by offering sensor sided telecentricity. This compensates imaging errors originating from misaligned camera sensors.

Opto’s bi-telecentric lenses are ideal for measurement of high precision parts, offering an extended depth of field and a constant magnification over the whole field of view. In combination with a line laser, the lens can be used for 3D-digitalisation through laser triangulation.

The BTC line of bi-telecentric lenses starts with four models ranging from 0.05x to 0.2x magnification. This corresponds to fields of view of minimum 32 x 24mm to a maximum at 167 x 124mm. Telecentricity and distortion are 0.08 per cent or lower. The F-number for all objectives is 8.


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