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CylinderInspector 3D

Targeting lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, automotive manufacturers are constantly seeking ways in which to optimise engine technology. Opto’s CylinderInspector instrument has been the tool of choice for many car engine producers to analyse, optimise and monitor the finish of their honed cylinder surfaces. Launching at Control 2015, Opto presents its CylinderInspector 3D, enabling full 3D surface analysis to sub micron level. Based on a white light interferometric technique, CylinderInspector 3D now enables cylinder wall imaging of the smallest height differences down to nm scale. In addition, the instrument is able to provide perfect ‘classical’ optical inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminium, as well as detailed image analysis of different surface textures.

Opto leads the way in machine-integrated micro imaging

Across a broad number of emerging high tech, machine-building industries, such as the biotechnology and cellular analysis markets, there is an ongoing drive towards the development of smaller footprint, lower cost instruments, with a parallel drive towards connectivity, automation and efficiency. For over 25 years, Opto has supported this direction through its expertise in developing highly optimised optical imaging modules for integration into such machinery. At Control 2015, for the first time, Opto presents the first in a series of ‘demonstrator’ units as a showcase of its capability in developing such modules. This unique, and highly compact module is a demonstration of a bio-oriented solution, combining optic, illumination, camera, sensors and automated positioning axis, all in one highly compact, perfectly optimised, inverted optical engine ready for plug and play machine integration.


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