CellSens software

Olympus has introduced its CellSens software for life science imaging applications, consisting of three packages: CellSens Entry, CellSens Standard and CellSens Dimension

SC30 colour camera

Olympus has introduced the SC30 colour camera for microscopy imaging. The camera is easy to use and provides high resolution and quality, thereby ensuring outstanding colour reproduction.

Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P imaging systems

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems. Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P programmes build on the Cell^A and Cell^B entry-level packages, offering advanced life science imaging applications.

Cell^A and Cell^B

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems, combining excellent performance with user-friendly operation.

Microscopy camera range

Olympus has updated its digital microscopy imaging camera range, ensuring there is a model suited to every application, from standard brightfield to advanced high-speed fluorescence.


Olympus has introduced the Cell*3.0 family range of imaging systems, an integrated collection of software tools and hardware systems that provides a fully flexible and modular range of imaging products.

Optigrid M

Olympus has announced the addition of the new Optigrid M structured illumination system to its life science microscopy range. Optigrid M yields ultra-rich, multi-channel fluorescence using standard illumination.


The PLN2xCY, PLN4xCY and PLN20xCY objectives feature built-in neutral-density (ND) filters, enabling quick changes in magnification without the need to adjust light intensity.


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