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Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P imaging systems

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems, combining excellent performance with user-friendly operation. The Cell^D, Cell^F and Cell^P programmes build on the Cell^A and Cell^B entry-level packages, offering advanced life science imaging applications.


Cell^D is a comprehensive and reliable imaging and documentation system for life science microscopy. Images of unlimited depth of focus can be generated using the extended focus function either manually or via a motorised focus drive. The Cell^D software controls all necessary hardware, and contains a range of enhanced image acquisition tools, standard image processing and measurement functions. This is all complemented by a structured database and a report generation tool.


Olympus Cell^F is designed with all the features of Cell^D and includes the additional benefits of speciality tools for fluorescence imaging. It is therefore designed to handle automated processes and multi-dimensional fluorescence image manipulation. Furthermore, it includes advanced spectral unmixing algorithms to separate fluorescence image information from multiple GFP variants enabling, for instance, GFP and YFP to be used in the same fluorescence study. What is more, predefined position masks can be used to generate images of the experiment results in multiwell-plates.


Building on Cell^F, Cell^P is the software solution to meet the more demanding procedures within the field of life science imaging. Complex multiple fluorescence image-analysis tasks such as ratio imaging, delta F/F measurements or kinetic evaluation are completed with ease and can be carried out automatically. It also enables time-lapse imaging, out-of-focus haze removal and advanced image visualisation. Olympus Cell^P can be integrated with other software platforms via the Imaging C scripting language, which enables more efficient imaging laboratory workflows.


A range of add-ons, e.g. FRET analysis, trackIT!, 3D reconstruction and TIRFM, can be used to enhance the functionality of each package. All three of these software packages incorporate full support for the advanced EXFO X-Cite arc burner and coolLED preciseExcite LED fluorescence illumination modules. The Cell^F and Cell^P packages also support the OPTIGRID M structured lighting system, providing confocal-like imaging, without the need for lasers or spinning disks.


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