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Cell^A and Cell^B

Olympus has launched the Cell* family range of mutually compatible imaging systems, combining excellent performance with user-friendly operation. The first two members of this family, Cell^A and Cell^B are entry-level software packages for image acquisition, reporting and archiving for standard life science applications.

Olympus Cell^A is the ideal solution for intelligent image capture in routine research microscopy, as it is also designed to control Olympus digital cameras and motorised microscopes. It encompasses an intuitive user interface with a well-structured ergonomic alignment of functionally independent windows. The Viewport Navigator function allows simple, easy movement throughout the entire image. Cell^A controls a wide range of the latest generation, high-resolution, colour and monochrome cameras as well as supporting Olympus motorised microscopes. Additionally, the implemented Olympus Camera Control (OCC) ensures that live image display and acquisition are both easy and highly efficient. Multi-dimensional images can be handled with ease and a snapshot series of images can be visualised in standard media players. Cell^A is the ideal stepping-stone into the field of digital imaging microscopy.

Cell^B is the base-level system for microscope image acquisition, incorporating all of the same functions of Cell^A along with a host of additional features. High-resolution images can be obtained using the panorama function, which allows images to be acquired with overlapping edges at neighbouring positions. A pattern recognition feature re-assembles the images into one single, large image with full resolution. Furthermore, Cell^B allows standard measurement results to be presented as diagrams or spreadsheets, where statistical analyses can be easily carried out. Complete document storage is provided via the structured archiving feature, which can be adapted to suit the requirements of any user. Furthermore, the report generator uses a simple drag and drop system to produce detailed reports within seconds.


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