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Optigrid M

Olympus has announced the addition of the new Optigrid M structured illumination system to its life science microscopy range. Optigrid M yields ultra-rich, multi-channel fluorescence and 3D/4D imaging using standard illumination. Offering confocal-like image quality, the Optigrid M integrates quickly and easily with Olympus BX2, IX2 and MVX10 microscopes.

Utilising the light emitted from an existing stabilised illumination source, the Optigrid M uses a one-dimensional optical grid mounted on a piezo-electronically driven actuator to project a line pattern onto the specimen. The grid is then moved perpendicularly to the grid lines, in 1/3 steps of its period length so that three grid movements result in one optical section.

The structured illumination process returns a strong signal wherever focus is sharp and a weak signal where focus is soft. A patented algorithm is used to combine these strong signals from the grid images so that each optical section contains data that is exactly within the focal plane. A series of optical sections taken through a sample (z-stack) can then be combined to create a haze-free ultra-sharp composite image. Image stacks can also be used to produce 3D reconstructions using post-processing software.

The Optigrid M slider is inserted into the field diaphragm slot of a standard illuminator on upright (BX2), inverted (IX2) and Macroview MVX10 Olympus microscopes. This enables it to be used with any of the wavelengths available from the illumination system, from UV to IR, and also to be easily removed for standard microscope functions. The Optigrid M is fully controlled using Olympus cell* software via a USB connection, which also ensures simple system integration. Furthermore, it provides users with excellent imaging throughput and programmable experiment repeatability for parallel multiple-specimen imaging.

The Optigrid M is a cost-efficient system for expanding the imaging capabilities of new or existing microscopes without taking up valuable laboratory space.


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