Probing fluorescence

Jessica Rowbury reports on the latest trends in imaging for fluorescence microscopy, including the move toward scientific CMOS technology

SC50 microscope camera

Designed for the convenience of everyday use and ideal under low light conditions, the new 5 megapixel SC50 microscope camera from Olympus is built on the latest CMOS chip technology


Olympus has introduced its XLPLN10XSVMP and XLSLPLN25XGMP objective lenses with an eight millimetre working distance and support for a large range of refractive indices (RI)

FV-OSR software module

Olympus has launched its FV-OSR software module, enabling users of the FluoView FV1200 microscope easy access to what was previously the domain of only specialised microscopy systems

Stream 1.9

Olympus has launched the latest version of the Stream 1.9, which contains more than 50 measurement and analysis functions to provide solutions for industrial and materials science microscopy applications


Olympus says its latest cellSens software release, version 1.8, offers flexible and user-centric imaging, processing, analysing and reporting

DP80 microscopy camera

Olympus' DP80 is a microscopy camera for both colour documentation and fluorescence detection, combining a colour and monochrome chip within the same housing

DP26 camera controller

Olympus has released a standalone controller for the 5 megapixel DP26 camera. Using the controller, it is possible to view samples and capture images directly on a monitor screen


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