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FluoView FV1200 confocal laser scanning microscope

Olympus has released the FluoView FV1200 confocal laser scanning microscope, optimised for live cell imaging. The system combines the accuracy of the newly engineered IX83 frame with enhanced fluorescence sensitivity and simultaneous laser stimulation of cells, making it ideal for advanced life science applications such as FRAP, FLIP and photo-activation. In particular, the new highly-reflective, silver-coated galvanometer scanning mirrors and dual channel GaAsP FluoView PMT module both act to maximise light transfer and detection. This allows for reduced laser power, protecting against the effects of photobleaching and phototoxicity.

The FV1200 is designed to maximise sensitivity via a new dual channel GaAsP FluoView high sensitivity PMT module, which delivers up to 45 per cent quantum efficiency. In addition, Peltier cooling reduces electrical noise by 80 per cent, increasing signal to noise ratio.

The new high reflection silver coating on the galvanometer scanning mirrors of the FV1200 ensures durability along with improved reflection efficiency for excitation and emission paths, increasing light efficiency in the visible range by 5-15 per cent and IR reflectance up to 22 per cent. This allows for a decrease in laser power, while providing the same level of fluorescence sensitivity. In combination with the Olympus SIM scanner, which allows simultaneous illumination and stimulation, it is possible carry out advanced localisation experiments such as FRAP and FLIP, without fear of damaging cells.


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