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Olympus has introduced its XLPLN10XSVMP and XLSLPLN25XGMP objective lenses with an eight millimetre working distance and support for a large range of refractive indices (RI). The objectives enable super-deep imaging of tissues treated with the latest clearing agents as well as live-cell imaging and light sheet microscopy techniques.

Compatible with the FVMPE-RS and FV1200MPE multiphoton microscopy systems and easily adaptable to home-build light sheet microscopes, the new objectives boast a range of features. A high transmittance range of 400-1600nm extending into the infra-red spectrum allows deeper imaging with minimal damage to the tissue, and is well-suited to combine conventional multicolour MPE imaging with label-free methods like third- and second-harmonic generation. A field number of 27.5 provides excellent scattered light collecting abilities and a correction collar allows compensation of refractive index mismatches. Furthermore, spherical aberrations are corrected across the visible to infrared (IR) range, with additional chromatic aberration correction in the IR range.

The XPLN10XSVMP is versatile with multi-immersion capability enabling its use with water, silicone and oil as well as clearing agents. Deep macro observation is achieved with high resolution at a large field of view (FOV – 1.8 mm at 10X magnification).


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