Imago Technologies

Future vision webcast

This webcast will cover an event-based camera for high-speed imaging, multi-shot lighting, and using the MTF of lenses for vision system design

VisionBox Daytona

Imago has released the VisionBox Daytona with a built-in modem. Even large amounts of images can be transferred by 4G or soon even 5G transmission power

Basler wins award at Embedded World show

Basler's embedded vision development kit, which won an Embedded World award, along with numerous other vision technology for embedded processing, was on display during the Embedded World trade fair at the end of February in Nuremberg, Germany

Imago releases camera based on neuromorphic sensor

Machine vision camera maker Imago Technologies has built an industrial camera based on a vision sensor from Prophesee that operates along similar principals to human vision, rather than capturing frames like a standard CMOS sensor

Imago Technologies

Imago Technologies (1-458) will show its VisionCam Prophesee, a Linux-based smart camera able to analyse fast moving scenes. The sensor inside works more like a human eye than a classical area scan sensor.

Also on display will be the VisionCam Line Scan, a complete line scan system. The VisionCam contains a fast multi-core Arm CPU and uses the Halcon image processing library.

The board version of the entry-level VisionSensor will be introduced at the show, for OEMs that want to integrate the device into any kind of system or machine.



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