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VisionBox Daytona

The wireless transfer of image data is becoming more and more important even in the industry. Why? Deep learning processes require the support of system manufacturers and perhaps also the deep learning expert. Questionable decisions must be validated by the expert through image analysis – worldwide, direct access accelerates this process.

However, also “classical” applications must change. The most basic apps – tailored to the situation in the machine – are “in”, while complex to use and overloaded software which seems to cover all kinds of different situations is “out”. Nevertheless, apps must be easily adaptable by support and provider, which means: image and program transfer are necessary.

The VisionBox DAYTONA is the first of its kind with built-in modem. Even large amounts of images can be transferred quickly by 4G or soon even 5G transmission power. Another example: installed in a forklift truck, the VisionBox can immediately contact the logistics infrastructure.

Other features of the DAYTONA are: Trigger-and-Power-over-Ethernet for the direct one-cable connection of GigE cameras, real-time I/Os and GPU support of the Linux computer (NVidia Tegra TX2), 4G modem, WiFi, DisplayPort. The VisionBox DAYTONA belongs to the ARM products of the IMAGO family: line scan, area scan and event-based VisionCam; VisionSensor; 8-core ARM Cortex-A72 VisionBox.


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