Hamamatsu Photonics

On a different wavelength

Greg Blackman on how imaging in the infrared and ultraviolet, along with other non-visible parts of the spectrum, is being used to solve some unique inspection challenges

ImageEM Enhanced Camera

The ImagEM Enhanced Camera from Hamamatsu is a back thinned, electron multiplier (EM) CCD Camera and the latest addition to the Hamamatsu C9100 series


Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the C10633, an InGaAs camera featuring spectral sensitivity in the infrared region from 900nm to 1700nm.

CMOS gains ground

Warren Clark charts the march of the CMOS sensor as it continues to steal ground from its CCD rival

ImagEM Enhanced camera

Hamamatsu has introduced the ImagEM Enhanced camera, a back-thinned, electron multiplier (EM) CCD camera and the latest addition to the Hamamatsu C9100 series.

C7164-03 gated ICCD

Hamamatsu Photonics have launched the sub-nanosecond C7164-03 gated ICCD, which can achieve minimum gate times of 250ps with a gate repetition rate of 10kHz and a delivered frame rate output of 8Hz.


Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the ORCA-03G, a high resolution digital CCD camera aimed at OEM manufacturers requiring good sensitivity and competitive pricing.

C10000-401 TDI camera

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the C10000-401 TDI CCD camera, featuring high speed, and high sensitivity, back-thinned CCD image sensors.


Hamamatsu has launched the ORCA-R² 'rapid readout' digital CCD camera. The camera is suited to demanding, non-EM CCD applications in the visible to NIR.


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