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Orca-Flash4.0 with ImageConductor Connectivity

The Orca-Flash4.0 scientific CMOS camera from Hamamatsu now includes the company’s ImageConductor Connectivity, a built-in camera function that automatically senses which of the camera’s two output connections, USB 3.0 or Camera Link, is being used. The default USB 3.0 configuration provides 30fps imaging at the full 2k x 2k resolution. If a faster frame rate is needed now or later, the camera can be easily upgraded by purchasing a high-speed PCI x8 Camera Link board and cable. The addition of the Camera Link board to a user’s computer makes 100fps of full-resolution data possible.

This generation two sCMOS camera has quantum efficiency values of over 70 per cent at 600nm and 50 per cent at 750nm. The camera has only 1.3 electrons median (1.9 electrons rms) read noise. It also features a 6.5μm2 pixel size, which is ideal for microscopic applications. The combination of these features makes the camera ideal for demanding microscopy applications such as super-resolution microscopy, TIRF microscopy, ratio imaging, high-speed calcium ion imaging, FRET, real-time confocal microscopy, and many more.


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