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InAsSb detector

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced an Indium Arsenide Antimonide (InAsSb) detector, the P11120-201. The detector provides peak sensitivity at 4.9µm and operates up to 5.9µm with an impressive D* of 5x109.

The InAsSb photodiode used in the P11120-201 has a planar structure and photovoltaic operation, which ensures a high speed response, excellent linearity and high reliability. A typical rise time of 400ns has been achieved with this detector structure.

The P11120-201 is suited to applications including gas analysis; with the detector covering a wide range of molecular absorption wavelengths, in particular for CO2, SOx, CO and NOx. The detector is also ideally suited to applications in industrial inspection, thermometry (radiometry), thermal imaging, remote sensing, FTIR and IR spectrophotometry.

The detector is not limited to a peak sensitivity of 5µm, and Hamamatsu is able to shift the peak sensitivity to longer wavelengths by altering the composition ratio of As and Sb in the detector. Hamamatsu can offer a tailor made InAsSb solution for specific applications.


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