Gardasoft (booth 8910) will be launching a new generation of dual channel, high power lighting controllers


Gardasoft will be showing its family of high-speed lighting controllers

Gardasoft Vision

In addition to the announcement of a new lighting controller, Gardasoft Vision (1E53) will be presenting a number of new demonstrations to illustrate the power of machine vision sequencing and control technologies. These will cover computational imaging, ultrafast focusing, OEM controllers and multi-light line scan stations.

Tracking traffic

Andrew Williams explores the latest imaging technologies for traffic monitoring, including how AI could be used to make sense of all that data


John Merva, vice president, North America at Gardasoft, will be giving a talk

Shining a light on lenses

Stemmer Imaging’s series of technology days included talks from various lens manufacturers. Here, we round up some of what was discussed at the event


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