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Gardasoft incorporated within CCS

From 1st January 2021, Gardasoft Vision will come under the ownership of the CCS Group within the Optex Group. This change is being made to enable companies which operate in machine vision markets to collaborate more effectively and brings Gardasoft, CCS Europe and Effilux into the same parent organization. In future, our three companies will cooperate closely to create innovative products and solutions and capture new markets.

Gardasoft will focus on strengthening our relationships with customers. We will improve our ability to provide practical solutions which enable our customers to win new business across key markets. Gardasoft is committed to maintaining and expanding our existing manufacturing presence in the UK. Gardasoft already has a great reputation within machine vision and we will work to further strengthen the Gardasoft brand and drive success for all our business partners. Together, we will ensure continued success for the future.


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