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OLED panel controller

Gardasoft is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary OLED panel controller at the VISION show.  Gardasoft has been at the forefront of lighting control technology for more than 20 years.  It is continuing to extend its leadership with the launch of this advanced lighting controller which is designed specifically for the most demanding machine vision lights.

OLED panels have many benefits in machine vision applications because they give exceptionally stable and uniform light intensity across the width of the panel.  However, OLED lights pose very specific challenges which require advanced drive technology to overcome.  The physical properties of OLED panels demand advanced drive techniques to obtain fast and accurate pulsing. The new Gardasoft controllers use innovative techniques to drive OLED panels up to the very limits of their physical capabilities.  The result is extremely fast, highly accurate and very stable light pulses.

Gardasoft OLED lighting controllers are fully-compatible with the CCS range of OLED panels.  The controllers have full access to product-specific data that is stored within the panel. This provides full plug-and-play capability, ensures that the panel can be overdriven without risk of damage to the panel and gives dependable end of life management. The inbuilt, triniti™ technology provides ethernet communications and full compatibility with GigE Vision protocol.


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