Cedip Infrared Systems

Altair Li system

Cedip Infrared Systems has launched its Altair Li system, which can provide images of stress in materials and structures under dynamic, transient or random loading conditions.


Cedip Infrared Systems has released the latest version of its Altair software suite for thermal analysis applications in scientific, target signature and non-destructive testing applications.


The Jade SWIR from Cedip Infrared Systems is a Near Infrared Camera incorporating a high quantum efficiency TE-cooled MCT focal plane array detector with a wide spectral response.


Cedip Infrared Systems has introduced the VILGA - an advanced video tracking and image processing package for applications including maritime and aerial surveillance, missile evaluation and trajectory measurements.


The Adamant IR camera from Cedip Infrared Systems is a compact and powerful thermal surveillance system designed for a wide range of demanding applications.

Jade LR

The Jade LR is a long-range thermal camera from Cedip Infrared Systems for fixed-position surveillance applications, including passive observation, detection and recognition of targets by day and nights


Cedip Infrared Systems has announced the Carthage series of advanced video processing modules for researchers and integrators looking to develop and build their own thermal imaging systems.


Cedip Infrared Systems has released Titanium, a new series of high-performance IR camera systems suitable for R&D or thermography applications.

Silver IR cameras

Cedip Infrared Systems has provided new components for its Silver IR cameras with long-life batteries and integrated screen options.


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