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Cedip Infrared Systems has released the latest version of its Altair software suite for thermal analysis applications in scientific, target signature and non-destructive testing applications.

The Altair software suite offers sophisticated features for scientists and engineers who want to acquire, display and process images from their infrared camera. Fully compatible with Cedip's complete family of IR cameras, Altair offers real-time storage capabilities and radiometric image manipulation and processing. A comprehensive library of analysis tools enables thorough analysis of recorded image files or real time imagery.

In addition to providing live image display and comprehensive image processing, Altair includes a suite of powerful, yet easy to use software modules for camera calibration, emissivity compensation, trigger configuration and viewers that provide detailed maps and information on the real bad pixels and NUC maps of your camera.

Operating in a Windows XP/2K compatible environment, Altair enables easy plug and play installation of third party modules. Compatible with USB 2.0, Camera Link, GigE Vision and LVDS digital video interfaces the Altair suite allows remote control of IR cameras.


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