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Cedip Infrared Systems has announced the Carthage series of advanced video processing modules for researchers and integrators looking to develop and build their own thermal imaging systems.

The modules provide researchers and integrators with a turnkey solution to transform an IR Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector into a powerful thermal imaging system. Designed and built to comply with current military and aviation quality standards, Carthage electronic imaging modules are capable of delivering a high quality, processed image stream for a wide variety of applications scenario.

The rugged modules are available as standalone units or can be integrated with detector and imaging lens assemblies. They are compatible with most commercially available cooled (MCT, InSb, QWIP or microbolometer) infrared sensors, and are available in a range of configurations for fast, real-time video image processing.

For space restricted applications, such as in airborne gimbals or handheld IR binocular systems, that employ state-of-the-art digital IR FPA detectors, the Carthage DCL video processing module offers a wide range of standard IR processing (NUC, BPR) as well as advanced video enhancement features.


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