Dart and Beat cameras

Camera manufacturer Basler has introduced a board-level series of cameras called Dart, and a new cost-effective area scan family of cameras called Beat

Glass half full

Greg Blackman on the intricacies of the lighting and camera systems required for high-speed glass inspection

Keeping European production competitive?

Greg Blackman finds that, in a world where large-scale manufacturing is now predominantly located in Asia and emerging markets, Europe still has a lot to offer when it comes to inspection equipment and quality control

The colour of money

Tom Eddershaw finds that, with new polymer banknotes entering circulation in various countries, colour imaging systems that offer extended sensitivity into the infrared and ultraviolet are needed to inspect the printed money

Driving road safety

Tom Eddershaw looks at the latest vision technology for monitoring traffic, including systems designed to make cyclists safer on the roads

acA1920-25 camera

The camera manufacturer Basler has expanded its Ace camera family to include monochrome and colour models in full HD format


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