Basler equips Sony sensors

Basler has equipped one of his network cameras with the Sony IMX174 sensor, and added four new ace models equipped with Sony's IMX249 Global Shutter CMOS sensor from the Pregius series


Camera manufacturer Basler has launched its new pulse camera series into series production

Basler Beat

Basler has announced the launch of its new area scan camera, the Basler beat. Featuring the CMV12000 CMOS sensor from Cmosis, the camera offers 12 megapixels of resolution and the latest progressive scan and global shutter technology

How do you Assess Image Quality?

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What does "image quality" mean for you? What exactly differentiates a "good" from a "bad" image? How can image quality be measured in an industrial camera and which criteria are used to assess it?

C-mount lenses

With a successful pilot phase now behind it, Basler has announced that series production of its proprietary C-mount lenses, known as Basler Lenses, will kick off in February 2015


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