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Lens Selector web platform

Thanks to Basler's sophisticated new Lens Selector, users can quickly and easily identify a suitable lens with the right focal length for their camera application. Working with the camera's sensor data, the tool proposes suitable series of lenses that fit with the size and resolution of the sensor. In some cases that recommendation is not final, though, as the customer's specific application will determine whether a lens with lower resolution characteristics is sufficient.

The Lens Selector is built around a complex set of calculations, but from the user standpoint it is remarkably easy to use: Visitors to can enter the pertinent data for their application (such as necessary angle of view, working distance, object size, etc.). The Lens Selector then calculates the necessary focal length and proposes suitable lenses.

Beyond the Lens Selector, Basler also offers other tools such as three Camera Selectors and the Interface Advisor. Depending on which type of camera is required, separate selectors for area-scan, line-scan and network cameras are available. The user can provide parameters for resolution, sensor technology and optics and the selector then suggests suitable camera models. The Interface Advisor helps you identify the right interface. It makes this determination based on criteria such as cable lengths, available bandwidth, Plug & Play relevance, expectations of real-time performance and system costs.


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