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Camera manufacturer Basler has launched its new Pulse camera series into series production. The Basler Pulse is a highly flexible camera capable of assisting with a wide range of applications, including those in the medical and life sciences, traffic and transportation (ITS) and retail markets, as well as for numerous microscopy applications. With series production for all six models, this camera is now also available in larger unit counts.

Weighing 60g and measuring 38.8 x 28.2mm, the camera features a robust metal housing that includes a tripod socket and a CS-mount lens bracket that is simple to switch between a C- or S-mount. The Pulse is available with either global or rolling shutter CMOS sensors, resolutions of up to 5 megapixels and frame rates of up to 54fps.

Beyond this, the Pulse also features a USB 3.0 port for fast and secure data transfer and low power consumption. Furthermore, the camera series will be expanded to include two additional models with the EV76C570 CMOS sensor from e2v inside and frame rates of up to 60fps.


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