Image-Pro Capture driver v2.0

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Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) has released Image-Pro Capture driver v2.0. The driver enables image acquisition from many Allied Vision Technologies cameras from within different Media Cybernetics software solutions like Image-Pro-Plus or Premier, and provides access to the available camera features.

With this driver, users of Image-Pro software gain access to the wide product range of scientific and machine vision cameras provided by AVT. Furthermore, the software provides easy driver integration, simple camera feature controls, and a comprehensive user guide.

The AVT Image-Pro Capture driver can be used with Image-Pro Plus v7.0, Image-Pro Insight v8.0, Image-Pro Premier v9.0, and Gel-Pro Analyzer v3.1+.

Media Cybernetics is an AVT certified vision software solution partner that develops image analysis software used in scientific industries.