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Advancing automotive with AI and machine vision in Germany and the UK

Advancing automotive with AI and machine vision in Germany and the UK

This White Paper from Zebra Technologies explores the potential of machine vision and AI for OEMs in the automotive industry

Machine vision, empowered by artificial intelligence (AI), could be set to revolutionise the automotive industry.

This White Paper explores the potential of machine vision  and AI for OEMs in the automotive  industry, outlining the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.  

It also presents the findings of a survey commissioned by Zebra Technologies in June 2023, focusing on 500 automotive OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers across the UK and Germany.

Read this White Paper to find out why automotive OEMs and suppliers are starting to see a transformation in the role of machine vision, and the types of AI powered machine vision solutions, such as deep learning, that are emerging with the potential to reshape the landscape, thanks to benefits such as improved speed, accuracy, and the ability to tackle complexity. But, despite this potential, Zebra’s report also revealed that there are industry players in some geographic markets that are not fully aware of the benefits that could be provided.

What this White Paper covers

  • Current AI usage in machine vision projects for automotive in the UK and Germany
  • Machine vision and the potential for AI in automotive tasks
  • The benefits and challenges of adopting AI and optical character recognition (OCR) tools
  • How Zebra’s innovative OCR tool, integrated into its Aurora image processing software can help overcome the challenges and realise the benefits of AI for machine vision in the automotive industry

Who should read this White Paper?

Leaders in machine vision, including automotive OEMs, suppliers and anyone looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by incorporating AI into their machine vision applications.


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