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Unlock high-speed camera potential: Euresys CoaXPress Data Forwarding

CoaXPress Data Forwarding: A White Paper from Euresys

CoaXPress Data Forwarding: A White Paper from Euresys

In today's fast-paced landscape, high-speed cameras have emerged as a solution to help users push the boundaries of resolution, frame rate, and bandwidth. However, as camera capabilities evolve, so too do the challenges of processing the massive amounts of data they can generate. Euresys is addressing this need with its CoaXPress (CXP) Data Forwarding technology, designed to transform image processing efficiency.

This White Paper outlines the CoaXPress (CXP) Data Forwarding technology, which is designed to handle the demands of high-speed camera interfaces, such as the CoaXPress. As camera capabilities surge in resolution, frame rate, and bandwidth, processing image data becomes increasingly challenging. The Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 DF extends data forwarding capabilities to the faster CXP-12 speeds, enabling efficient distribution of image processing across multiple host PCs.

Who should read this White Paper?

Professionals working with high-speed cameras, image processing, and computer vision applications will find this White Paper to be essential reading. Engineers, developers, and researchers seeking to optimise image data handling and processing in industrial environments will find useful insights.

What this White Paper covers

This White Paper will help readers to understand how CoaXPress Data Forwarding enables the transfer of image data from one camera to multiple frame grabbers on different host PCs, effectively distributing the processing load.

Readers can also learn about the technical workings of the technology, including deterministic synchronisation, acquisition triggering, and flexibility in system configuration.

Additionally, the White Paper outlines the cost-effectiveness and practical advantages of Euresys’s solution, including simplified setup, long-distance cable support, and increased productivity. Compatibility with Euresys' eGrabber software also further enhances the development and debugging of computer vision applications.


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