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Yieldmaster EL-Module

Isra Solar Vision has launched the high-speed in-line Yieldmaster EL-Module inspection system, which is able to detect and classify a large spectrum of attributes on solar cells, including visible and invisible cracks, shunts, dark and in-active cells, scratches, broken pieces, pollution, material defects and soldering defects.

In addition, the system provides the characterisation of cells and modules in industrial mass production with high detection rates and repeatability. Solar module manufacturers benefit from this technology as it allows the highest reliable distinction between material defects such as dislocations, changes in the material, foreign objects, and process defects (cracks, finger interruptions, low efficiency regions, mechanically broken cells, soldering and contact issues, low efficiency cells etc.).

Conventional EL systems require long cycle times for image capture and analysis. For the new EL method Isra Solar Vision managed to reduce the imaging time by a factor of eight. The inspection system boosts image acquisition and calculation to an overall triple inspection speed and by that offers the fastest EL inspection systems for solar modules.


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