XCG Cubic GigE Series

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Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division is now shipping models from the new XCG GigE industrial camera line-up to the vision market.

The new XCG Cubic GigE Series includes PoE capability to provide users with the convenience of single-cable operation for power and control. In addition, this new range contains a number of advanced new features including enhanced frame rate performance and low trigger latency capabilities.

These new models combine the best of Sony’s sensor technology with a strong heritage in camera development to deliver high frame rate performance of up to 130 fps with industry leading low trigger latency, together with other new features such as sensitivity control and temperature read out.  GigE Ver2.0 interface also offers considerable advancements in terms of flow control and chunk data.

Arnaud Destruels of Sony said: “The XCG series delivers the unmatched quality and functionality of Sony cameras. At Sony we continue to focus on using our strong heritage in both sensor and complete camera technology development to bring the best to solution to our customers needs”.