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Viscom has launched the system family X7056, combining high performance AOI inspection with parallel X-ray inspection. This system ensures a reliable and fast inspection of visible as well as hidden defects in-line. With the RL version larger PCB sizes up to 610 x 508mm are supported.

The system is compact, at 1.74m in length, and is equipped with the high-performance Viscom microfocus X-ray tube, which ensures a resolution of up to 8µm/pixel in the X-ray area. The inspection system has a high positioning accuracy, which enables high-precision 3D X-ray evaluations.

Due to the integration of the optical 8M camera technology, the system provides high inspection depth. With the flexible OnDemandHR function the AOI resolution can be switched from 23.4 to 11.7µm/pixel with the full image field size for any analysis. In addition, the system provides a colour evaluation.

This combined inspection and the fast axis system achieve extremely short inspection and PCB handling times. The X7056 system family is completely modular and can be used as a combined system or as a pure AXI system and can be flexibly implemented depending on the customer's requirements.


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