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X-Lite miniature thermal sensor

Senso Optics, a producer of thermal imaging technologies, has released the X-Lite miniature thermal sensor. The X-lite is a compact and lightweight thermal imaging camera core for night vision.

The X-Lite is 30 x 34 x 41mm size (with IO and power cards) and less than 80g weight. Boasting high resolution 640 x 480 with 17µm pixel size, the camera generates sharp and clear images, which allow better detection and enable the user to see clearly in total darkness. It gives law enforcement officers, search and rescue teams, and HLS patrols the information needed to make critical decisions, enhance mission effectiveness, maximise operational capabilities and improve safety.

The camera is equipped with smart algorithms, such as anti-blooming, drivers for zoom and focus lens control, high detailing (HD) Clatinex algorithm, temperature range compression, and more. The X-Lite utilises an HS Vox detector (NETD ≤32mk) or an ASi detector (NETD ≤50mk).


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