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Camera-on-Chip thermal imager

Senso Optics has introduced the Camera-on-Chip (COC) thermal imager. The COC is also a thermal ASIC. Using this technology, start-up time of thermal cameras can be less than 3 seconds and the images can run on less than 1W of power. The COC boasts 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

The camera can be used for variety of applications, including advanced driver assistance systems. The new chip provides sharp and clear image at affordable price.

The first product to use the COC technology is the X-Lite camera, a compact and lightweight thermal imaging camera core for night vision. With the new thermal chip, the X-Lite is now much more compact, with the sensor measuring 38 x 34 x 41mm, and offers improved image quality.

X-Lite COC uses a high resolution and high sensitive VOx micro-bolometer detector with 17μm pixels. It is equipped with anti-blooming, time and spatial de-noise, and temperature range compression functionality, as well as digital zoom, lens zoom, and focus and shutter control drivers.


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