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Senso Drive and Senso Drive-P

Israel-based Senso Optics, a designer, developer and manufacturer of thermal imaging technologies and electro-optical solutions for military, paramilitary, and security markets, has introduced the Senso Drive.

The device is a panoramic night driving system equipped with a thermal imaging camera, and designed to provide vehicles, APCs, and tanks with night driving capability in the harsh conditions of military operations.

The Senso Drive is available in two versions: The Senso Drive – which is a thermal camera on the top of the vehicle, and the Senso Drive-P, which is a periscopic thermal driver vision system for under armour driving capability.

The Senso Drive uses a 25μm micro-bolometer, with effective resolution of 384 x 288 pixels, and has 10.4-inch military-grade TFT LCD monitor. The SensoDrive-P uses the same sensor but has a folded 7-inch TFT LCD display.


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