SWIR InGaAs sensor at 7.5µm pitch

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New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is pleased to announce its first commercially available SWIR InGaAs component with a pitch of 7.5µm, resulting from several years of R&D developing in-house an innovative hybridization process.

This process, which does not use the classical indium bumps technique, allows manufacturing hybrid sensors with very small pitches with high yield at a reduced cost.

The first available component at 7.5µm pitch is a line array with the following characteristics:

• Pixel Number: 2048
• Pitch: 7.5µm
• Line speed: 60KHz @ full line
• Well Fill: 25 Ke-
• Read out Noise: <70e-
• Dark Current: 8 fA @ 15°C

Image: atdigit/shutterstock.com

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