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VoluMax computer tomograph

Carl Zeiss has introduced the VoluMax computer tomograph. The system generates 3D volume data in a matter of seconds and is insensitive to temperature fluctuations, making it an ideal inspection system for 100 per cent checks in production.

The computer tomograph generates 3D volume models much like a computer tomograph in the measuring lab. Like 2D radiography, however, it is equally suitable for the shop floor.

The VoluMax needs only 10-50 seconds per workpiece, depending on the part and if it is loaded manually or with a robot. In order to achieve such a short measuring time, Zeiss has increased the X-ray power compared to its existing computer tomographs. Thanks to the short measuring time and the insensitivity to temperature fluctuations, the VoluMax is ideal for the inspection of parts directly on the shop floor. This makes it very suitable for inspections of entire batches.

The 3D volume model from the system enables operators to predict on the basis of the raw part which defective workpieces will comply with the specifications later in the process and which supposedly good parts will end up as scrap.


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