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Metrotom computer tomographs

Carl Zeiss has made its Metrotom computer tomographs more powerful with Caligo measuring software, which was specially developed to meet the needs of computed tomography, and Vast CT Scan scanning technology.

In addition to the hardware, the software is vital to the performance of a measuring machine. The Caligo measuring software is designed for the measurement of freeform surfaces in car body metrology and is now also available for the Metrotom computer tomographs. As 64-bit software, Caligo is particularly well suited to process the large quantities of data generated in computed tomography. A modern 3D CT reconstruction with Metrotom generates up to eight Gigabytes of data.

Caligo accelerates the programming of new parts as the user can create and save templates in just a few steps. The software also enables faster visualisation of the volume data and a faster comparison of the respective part and CAD model, and therefore quickly delivers the plan-actual comparison needed for downstream processes. Furthermore, Caligo is easy to use; operators can now modify the user interface to meet their needs.

With Vast CT Scan, Carl Zeiss has also developed a new technology that can deliver images quickly. Depending on the requirements, users can decide if they need a fast measuring result with somewhat less resolution, or a high-resolution result that takes longer.


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