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Auriga Compact FIB-SEM

The microscopy business group at Carl Zeiss has released the Auriga Compact FIB-SEM. The system generates high-resolution three dimensional images and analyses, and enables precise materials processing. The scanning electron microscope can be used in various industrial sectors for 3D analysis and imaging, TEM lamella preparation, materials processing and nano-structuring.

Auriga Compact offers outstanding resolution even at low accelerating voltages, thus enabling high-resolution imaging of various specimens in three dimensions. Local charge compensation also enables the artefact-free display of non-conductive, self-charging samples. The microscope is available with a combined in-lens detector. In addition to the detection of secondary electrons (SE) which ensure high topography contrast, backscatter electrons (EsB) can be detected based on their energy. This results in very good material contrast.

Auriga Compact can be extended with numerous analysis and processing options, such as the high-end Atlas 3D tomography package which enables the fast capture of three-dimensional image stacks with resolution of up to 32k x 32k pixels.


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