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Visca GUI

Videology's VISCA GUI is a template that allows users to gain access to our cameras over RS-485, making it useful for development purposes. The complete set of VISCA commands available for the camera are stored within an Excel file, so no need to create your own database. From this Excel file, up to 30 commands  can be enabled onto the GUI.

Quite often, the object of interest may be at the edge of the scene and classical optical zooming cameras will miss it because an optical zoom camera stays centered.

  • Point to what you wish to see and the camera zooms in on the area of interest. Select the location of the scene for magnification with the pointer overlay.
  • Optical zoom equivalency is achieved to @2.7x magnification as you reduce from a 2 MP resolution image down to full screen VGA resolution.
  • Zoom in directly to objects of interest and display what you need to see in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. If you need more zoom ability than the optical equivalent of 2.7x, then the camera can deliver digital zoom to an additional 33x.

The 24P2.0XW-EXSDI has dual concurrent outputs...Analog and Digital Extended HD SDI for up to 500m distance transmissions. To accommodate for CVBS monitors, the analog output can be set to view in 16: 9 or 4: 3.

The 4:3 view is NOT compressed as in most cameras. There is no elongation effect. The image derives from native pixels so your measurements are real and reliable in either display mode, 16:9 or 4:3.

Since there are no moving parts as in bulky optical zoom block cameras, the small rugged camera (24P2.0XW-EXSDI) can survive through a long 5-7 year life cycle…. regardless of number of zooms. The single camera board is only 22mm x 26mm, the same footprint as our entire miniature camera lineup.


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