EyeVision software

The EyeVision software now also can process and evaluate hyperspectral images. Therefore the software will support the hyperspectral camera by Photonfocus in the near future. It is a camera based on an IMEC sensor with narrow pass band filters with a wavelength region form 600 nm to 1000 nm. With the binning module the hyperspectral data can be pre-processed in the camera. The sensors with line filters and 5x5 mosaic filters are offered in the camera with also 25 pass bands from 600 nm to 975 nm.

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) or Chemical Imaging (CI) is a combination of spectroscopy, imaging data acquisition and digital image processing. Therefor the combination of the EyeVision software with the Photonfocus camera.

The recorded channels contain the visible (VIS) region absorption spectrum, as well as non visible near infrared region (NIR). Therefore the recorded amount of data as well as the information content of the recorded images are extremely high.

With EyeVision the user can now not only operate on the surface but venture into more deeper spectrums. So deep that also chemical information, such as water, fat or chlorophyll contents,  tissue oxygenation, tissue segmentation, bacterial exposure, tissue hemoglobin index, etc. can be determined.

Therefore EyeVision opens new and manifold application fields in medicine, life science and other industries. For the user of the EyeVision hyperspectral evaluation  new possibilities of analysis and diagnostic are now available.

Especially for the food industry the new possibilities with EyeVision are an advantage. Before now meet, vegetables or fruits were only inspected for flaws on the surface, but with hyperspectral the software can detect the flaws in the different wavelengths, which otherwise would remain undetected.

That quality inspection risen to a higher level. For the food industry its important to check the stage of maturation of vegetables and fruits or a possible mould infestation.


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